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JUNE, 2018

After an exciting run for three months and a half and now that the jury panel has concluded its deliberations, I’m happy to announce the winners of “CABINS” – The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I am running on my blog.

Thank You!

I would like to thank the challengers and guests for taking part in this event, the seventh among many more to come! I would also like to send a big thank you to my sponsors for taking part and help in making this great challenge possible. With Quixel and Megascans leading this one, along with YulioVR, Laubwerk, Lumion and Ranch Computing as the primary sponsors. And also prize sponsors – iToo Software, AXYZ Design, VIZPARK, Polyget, Corona Renderer and MAXTREE.

Big thanks to fellow jury panel members Teddy Bergsman, Peter Guthrie, Gianpiero Monopoly, Andreas Landgren and Lasse Rode for dedicating their time and professional expertise not only for the final judgment but also supporting my efforts behind the scenes all the time.

Stay tuned for the Making-Of articles by the winners that I’ll post during this month. First one by the 1st place winner is going live come Monday, next week.

Some Numbers

3 months + 15 days, 444 entries, 55 final entries, 24 finalists, 3 winners + 3 honorable mentions. 1 dedicated website and 1 new companion community site for the blog was born!

The Mission

I’ll start by reminding the mission, to begin with, was to visualize a prefab cabin (existing or your design) in a location of your choice that you recreate in 3d so that it is possible to experience it as a virtual reality experience.
Challengers could have used any software they like while using Megascans assets in the process and delivering 360 VR Tour via Yulio’s service.

It is clear now that using the Megascans assets helped to reach higher levels of realism, enhanced by the fact the entrants had to consider full 3d treatment for the VR’s with YulioVR.

For the full monty, jump to CABINS Home Page and read the full mission statement, along with inspiration, concept art, jury panel and more.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visualize a prefab cabin (existing or your design) in a location of your choice that you recreate in 3d so that it is possible to experience it as a virtual reality experience.”

Words from the Jury Panel

Before we announce the winners, here’s what jury panel members, Teddy Bergsman, Gianpiero Monopoly and Andreas Landgren, had to say to all of the challengers.

Teddy Bergsman

CEO and Co-Founder – Quixel AB, Sweden. Marquee Sponsor!

It has been a privilege and a thrill to follow contestants from start to finish as they harmonize architecture with natural scenery in astonishing ways. It’s also been eye-opening to see scans put to such serious creative use.

Judging the winners and honorable mentions turned out to be a real challenge, and there are many more entries that will stay with me besides the ones that ultimately made it to the very top.

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and final submissions — and for everyone in the community it has inspired!

Gianpiero Monopoly

Co-Founder – State of Art Academy, Italy.

I had the honor and pleasure of taking part as a judge in this exciting challenge, which involved many artists from all over the world on a topic that was far from easy.

First of all, I would like to say that the overall level of the entries was really high and as a member of the jury, I had some difficulties in choosing the winners. This is a good thing!

I want to say to all of you who did not win that your work deserves the full attention from our Industry and I want to encourage everybody to pursue the goals set as artists with vigor and determination and to work day by day to improve yourselves.

Here I saw and found a lot of talent and willingness to put oneself in the game… essential characteristics to get success in life.

I wish everybody that this is only the beginning or continuation of something important in your ArchViz journey.

Andreas Landgren

Co-Founder – Tomorrow AB, Sweden.

Cabins was an exciting challenge. I like that it was a design-oriented project and the fact that it involved so many aspects such as nature, architecture and image making.

The best proposals were those who had a poetic flair, and I look forward seeing this aspect explored in future challenges.

Northern Wisps

First Place Winning Entry by Bartosz Domiczek

First Place

Bartosz Domiczek

The grand prize winner of the CABINS challenge, excelling in all aspects of what makes a winning visualization, goes to Bartosz Domiczek for Noerthern Wisps!
White sails on a sea if Icelandic rocks! Bartosz Domiczek succeeded in pushing all the right buttons with his entry. Making sure all the technical aspects are taken care of but excelling at being poetic and evocative. Best one this time around!


For me, the winner is Bartosz Domiczek. From the compositional point of view, in their simplicity, I found the images well-made. I also appreciated the design and the environment in which the cabins were placed and shown in the images. I think there was particular attention in the rendering of atmospheres. At times evocative, and also unusual.

Also, I consider as a plus, the high naturalness which blends all the elements. All this makes this work remarkable and of extraordinary interest.


Bartosz’s proposal depicts a beautiful architectural design that is both fragile as well as functional. The idea creates a destination that enhances the already magnificent landscape.

The way its portrayed is both poetic and sensitive. The project shows an excellent understanding of light, color, and design. As impressive is the number of variations that Bartosz rendered beautifully.

Inside Out

Second Place Winning Entry by Jamie Holmes

Second Place

Jamie Holmes

Jamie is no stranger to challenges on the blog and he wins once more showcasing remarkable full 3d world building above and below the water!

Jamie’s work is my personal favorite. Inspired by John Lautner’s iconic Sheats-Goldstein Residence, it is as if he created a location for a James Bond movie (or The Big Lebowski on Vacation). It reminds me more than one place I’ve been to in the far east and from all entries, I think Jamie did the most comprehensive full 3d treatment… Underwater too! He mentioned he spent 80% of his time on the VR aspects and it shows.


The second place for me goes to Jamie Holmes, with only one point from Bartosz. Jamie’s work hit me because of the considerable attention to details.

Also in this work, the composition is well-made, and I appreciated a lot some unusual points of view which hit my attention. The natural effect given by the images is extraordinary, and the environment creation was so well-done.

I would have liked seeing some images with night or sunset conditions because they would have given a significant variety to the whole set and conveyed more emotions.

Australian Forest

Third Place Winning Entry by Sergey Ferley

Third Place

Sergey Ferley

The third place goes to the magical and scary entry by Sergey Ferlay who took us inside the Australian Forest featuring a cabin that is there, but also not there!

Seeing the initial concept illustration by Sergey I was already hooked, and the amazing thing is that when you see the final result, you appreciate what Sergey did even more.

He kept true to his concept all through. Both illustration and final image are magical and inviting. Well, also scary!

Sergey did fantastic use of Yulio’s sound feature in his 360 VR tour.

It elevated the experience beyond all else and took the further step in bringing us into this world he created.

Noteworthy Entries

Three Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

With 24 Finalists, we couldn’t just pick three in the end! So we decided to pick three more and I present them here. No special order to it. Each one did very good and deserves this special mention.

Yarko Kushta

A+A Frame gets an honorable mention and here’s what Andreas Landgren had to say about it.
Yarko has created a beautiful Cabin in a flawlessly executed environment that makes me think about the thick forests of Sweden. The kind of magic place where we all wish to escape to.

It is impressive that the interior renders, the environment and Cabin all have the same level of quality. You can imagine the wild animals that curiously watch from a distance.

Alex Leiva

For the Family gets an honorable mention and here’s what Gianpiero Monopoly had to say about it.
In this work, I liked the approach to the cabin’s design and the search for extreme photorealism with materials and lighting. From the compositional level, the images look useful and well-made and show the excellent work done for the details in the modeling part. I particularly liked the image with the stars. A complex condition to render but always evocative and emotional.

Ana Camargo

Inspired by Simplicity gets an honorable mention and here’s what I had to say about it.
Ana managed to create a very natural looking landscape for her simple looking cabin and convey tranquility along with it. The cabin is at one with the surroundings, and I can see myself in that place, relaxing and enjoying being off the grid.

The 360 VR tour sure does the work in getting you there!

Congratulate the Winners. Talk about CABINS… 

Notable Replies

  1. Big thanks to all challengers, sponsors and viewers of the CABINS Challenge. This was an amazing ride and I hope we all learned a thing or two from this one.

  2. Congratulations to the 3 winners!

    They absolutely deserve it. The works are really really good and high quality. Artistic, technical, and overall poetic!

    Well, bravo les artistes!

    I really love the Northern Wisps project… The lights, the ambiance, the photography and composition are so good. And I’m surprised by the white cloth realism.

  3. Incredible work.
    I was expecting Northern Wisps to win.

  4. It’s my vacation time so a pretty late reply from me but I’d like to thank once again and congratulate to all the winners!

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